Our Mission & Vision

Simply put, Our Mission at Gauley Bridge Baptist Church is to:


We work to achieve this through many areas of ministry that are designed to involve everyone at every age level.

Worship Services:

Our worship services are designed to create an environment of enthusiastic worship, study and growth through song, message and prayer.  To enhance our worship program, we have taken advantage of visual aides such as powerpoint to assist in stimulating not only sound but visual senses as well.  We encourage participating through testimony, singing and offer many avenues to share thoughts and ideas on how to enhance our services.  The goals of the worship hours are to enter into the presence of God as one body and to receive his goodness in preparation for our work in the world.

Community Service:

We at the Gauley Bridge Baptist Church feel strongly about our purpose in our community and surrounding area and have in place many ministries to serve our community.  We also seek new and exciting ways to minister here and look forward to working with other churches, community leaders and citizens to provide a community in which we can be proud of.

Bible Study Services:

Bible Study is designed to allow a participatory opportunity on a wide range of topics.  A range of topics, whether it be studying a particular book of the Bible, current events as they relate to the Christian and almost anything that might be relevant to a closer relationship with God.  This is a good time to ask questions, make comments and share in the study of God’s Word.